Friday, February 17, 2006

Period 7 Notes

Crimes of the Heart
  • Where's the urgency? Do you really "HATE" yourself? We don't believe you yet.
  • Great job listening to each other! All of you have a good "family feel" together.
  • GUM!!!!
  • Don't be afraid to get closer - they're sisters!
Crimes of the Heart
  • Energy! "Let's play cards" should be exciting.
  • Very clear dialogue. Nice work everyone!
  • GUM!!!!
  • Raise the Stakes! BIG FIGHT! You guys are close, but you have to go for it! Throw out everything and just go after each other. You're almost there - don't worry about the audience - we'll love it when it's real.
Boys & Girls
  • Nice moment with the baby.
  • Good, Angie - I can tell how important your goal is to you.
  • Don't be afraid to move around: "I'm having more" is a perfect place to get up and go get a drink.
  • Robert - nice work with the unfinished sentences. Very realistic.
  • Try to start the scene sitting down and then when it gets intense, stand up. Just an idea...
  • This is close to brilliance. Practice, practice, practice!
  • Lines!
  • Do they shake hands?
  • Joe - try making him really nice until the chair pull and then making him the "drill sergeant."
  • Lines, lines, lines.
  • Try mixing up youe tactics, guys. This sort of feels like a "one note" scene right now.
  • Lines! Practice, practice, practice!
  • Go after your goals! You're just reading lines right now, not acting!
  • Threaten him, Camillo!
  • Put some energy into it, guys!

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