Thursday, February 16, 2006

Period 2 - Third Runthroughs

Boys Life
  • Gary - take the time to see the spaceship on the paper.
  • Excellent work. Just get those lines down and you're good!
  • Careful of being "too relaxed" - make sure to pursue your goals.
Hello From Bertha
  • Watch the hands in the pockets, Christine! ;)
  • Good job, ladies!
  • Very clear obstacles & goals. Nice.
  • Christine - try getting down on her level as one of your tactics.
Crimes of the Heart
  • Get those lines down. Yessica, you do a thing where your eyes look up and to your left when you are "searching for the line."
  • Where's the energy today? You've got to get to the point where "you feel like you're going to vomit" or we won't believe you.
  • Both- watch the hands in the pockets!
  • What can you do physically to tell the story? I saw two students running lines today instead of the scientist and his servant. Have fun with these characters!
American Buffalo
  • What're these guys doing? Are they just hanging around talking? I could close my eyes and listen and get as much as I did from watching today. Movement, movement, movement!
Black Thang
  • Lose the coats!!!!
  • Volume was low today - don't forget that we have to hear.
  • Very natural. Nice!
  • Great relationship.
  • GET RID OF THE GUM!!!!!!!

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