Friday, February 10, 2006

7th Period Notes

These notes are for 7th Period's second runthroughs.

Tap Dancing
  • Start getting those lines down. You both have to get out of the book and start trying to achieve your goals!
  • Blocking? We can't tell what's going on, where you are, or anything...
  • Too long.
  • Good vocal projection.
Crimes of the Heart
  • Nice, Narmaine. I saw your concern for Grandaddy.
  • Priscilla - let me see a little about how you're feeling towards Meg with the way that you're sitting.
  • Bring an actual photo album so that you have some pictures to look at.
  • Slow down a bit and speak up a little.
  • "Banana splits for breakfast." Is that funny? You guys should be having fun!!!
  • Make me believe that these people care about each other.
Boys & Girls
  • Where are they? How can you show this to us?
  • They're standing pretty far apart for 2 people with that sort of relationship...
  • Make it more important, Angela. You're working up to a huge question.
  • Too long. The second half is much better (your goals are clearer, relationship is better, etc.) - maybe start from the "We want you to live with us" moment.
  • Great second half!
Life Underwater
  • Volume! Can't hear you guys.
  • Go after him D.
  • Good job on lines. Keep it up.
  • Nice movement - Good moment on " I don't want to talk to him" Robert.
  • Good clear voices.
  • Blocking? Have you done any rehearsing with this? It looked like this was your first time reading it.
  • Go after your goals.
Crimes of the Heart
  • Nick, you're an excellent cold reader! Good work.
  • This scene is really coming along! Time to step it up: get some cards, borrow our phone ringer, etc.
  • Go after her, Steph! Get in her face. You've got to end in tears, right? I know you're sharing the script today though...
  • This will be excellent, just turn up the stakes = make everything life or death.
An Acting Experience
  • Great moment before. Excellent characters.
  • Josh, don't go back to the paper until/unless you know that it's safe.
  • Lena you can be a touch louder if you want.
  • Good work you guys. A little low energy today, but that's fine.
  • Josh - make the peak higher: right before "I don't even know why I'm talking about this."
Last HS Party Ever
  • Good character work. They have a great relationship.
  • Make sure that you're trying to DO something to the person you are talking to.
  • Get those lines down.
  • Practice! Practice! Practice!

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