Friday, July 01, 2005

Week One Done

What a crazy week! Just getting back into the swing of things has been tough. We've got 3 classes right now: Directing, Voice, and Dramaturgy.

Directing: We're working with Anne Bogart's Viewpoints, a pretty popular technique in the last few years. We're using scenes from Steve Martin's adaptation of The Underpants. It's a fun show that I saw Tom in last summer at the B Street Theatre in Sacramento. One of the new things we're getting is the idea of a "Central Transaction" which is essentially your one sentence on what the play is about, only phrased as "who does what to whom & for what purpose."

Voice: We're focusing on the Linklater Technique. Good stuff that I learned a while ago and should be teaching in class. I randomly found an interesting article HERE on both Bogart & Linklater.

Dramaturgy: This threw everyone for a loop. There is a TON of reading to do. It's fun and necessary work that in an ideal world we would all be doing for each production that we do, but that's just fiscally impossible. If I can get the schedule posted here, you'll get a better idea.

The Full Monty: So this was our first show. How surprised was I to open the program and see the beautiful smile of Berwick Haynes! Berwick & I were in The Precious Damsels for the African-American Shakespeare Company way back in 1998. I sent him a note at intermission and then he came out afterwards and we talked for a bit. We'll be hooking up again in the next couple of week. Pretty darn cool. Oh, and the show was fun. I don't much like the book, but a couple of the songs are brilliant.