Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Period 2 - 3/15 Notes

Empire Records
  • Great vocal choices!
  • Gary - try bigger facial expressions as tactics on him.
  • Clean up the physical stuff a bit. It seems messy.
  • Nice work.

The Graduate
  • Nice Charika! Very clear goal and moment before.
  • Tim - does he want to get back with her? Let's see a little of that either way.
  • Charika - feel free to come into the space and own it.
  • Tim - good idea sitting, but then it kills the importance of that speech. Try other things before you decide on that choice.
  • Good work.

Confronting the Obvious
  • Good start. Play around you guys - these are just friends hanging out.
  • Eye contact! (I know you're still working on lines)
  • Don't be afraid to get really pissed off, Shawntanique.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Period 7 3/14 Notes

Mean Girls
  • Everyone slow down!
  • What do these kids do while they are on the phone? How can you show us where they are or their personality by adding one prop or costume piece?
Freaky Friday
  • Nice work. It's coming along.
  • Watch your speed!
  • Great characters! Good relationship!
  • Pencil exercise.
Beauty Shop
  • Careful of leaning on the wall! It turns you into high school students.
  • Take your time!
  • Get copies of the script!
  • Nice work going after your goal, Katina!
  • Where are they? Is there a desk? How can you mix it up visually.
  • Katina, watch your jacket - it defines who you are & keeps you from becoming her.
  • Where are you? How can you show us?
  • Visual pictures.
  • Go after him, Joe, when the time comes! Feel free to get pissed!
Beauty Shop 2
  • Great energy! Keep it up.
  • Good energy!
  • A bit short.
  • Watch out for crossing in front of people. It's a strong move, so if you're the one talking it's okay, but there was one funky one in there.