Monday, January 29, 2007

Scotland Parents Meeting 1/26/07

In attendance: Della Harris, George Jones, Barbara Pringle (newly informed - first attendance)

Topics: fundraisers, communications, and list of participants for the trip

The fundraisers still to come are:

  • Bowling Challenge – Feb 3

  • Dinner Theater – Feb 9

  • Lunches to be sold at work – March (?)

  • Bus trip to local gaming casino – March (?)

  • Bingo (6 weeks, 1 night per week) – April thru mid May (?)

  • Jogathon – April or May (?)

  • Money/jellybean guessing for $1 – May (?)

  • Rummage sale – April

  • Multiple car washes – warmer months – April, May, June

  • Bake sale at LMC

  • Raffles at fundraising events and other community functions (George to discuss upcoming events w/Brentwood Chamber of Commerce member)


The final list of bowling participants from a student and parent perspective is needed to secure the proper amount of lanes and to ensure enough adults are present for bowling (additional adults will come from the Strik’n Back 2 Back bowling club).

A detail listing of all funds raised-to-date and the expectation of the remaining fundraisers is needed. A firm commitment list of parents and students participating in the trip is necessary to help quantify the total amount necessary for the trip.

Attendance at a mandatory meeting to be held February 23, 2007 at Denny’s in Antioch on Sommersville Road at 7:30 pm. This is necessary to determine participants in the trip and in the fundraisers (there have been just a few parents involved to date).

A drop dead date and final number of participants allowed based on payments made thus far.

A calendar of events – to be provided following the next February meeting