Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Period 2 Notes

Great start. Good characters. Start getting out of the script - looking at the other actors. This scene is funny and gripping, but you'll need to rehearse it a lot. Also, figure out where they are and how you can show us. Think about the visual pictures you can use to help show us what's going on. Keep it up! I'm excited to see this improve!

Crimes I
Blake - don't be afraid to "play the lawyer." I think he likes to "act" lawyerish - to maybe impress her - if that makes sense. Alina - Figure out the point in scene when she realizes that she's attracted to him. Think about how you can show that to us.

Prisoner of 2nd Ave.
Nice! This scene will be great. Roger - when he says "Nothing's wrong," is that really what he means? Cut the cigarette - it's just distracting. Stephanie - You have a great voice. Very clear. Great character work both of you. Try this: what if you switch and Stephanie sits and Roger never sits. Try that and see what happens. Great start.

Crimes II
What fun! Don't be afraid to get super upset, Bryana. We want to see you flipping out. Nice moment all: "The one Babe told me about... from the club." This scene is like a hurricane that winds up swirling Lenny and then Babe up the stairs and off the stage. You'll have to build to that peak or we don't believe the exit lines. Try at one rehearsal on the last couple of pages always topping the previous person's line and energy all the way to the end.

Good start. This is going to be funny! You guys need stuff: books, clothes, dishes... Figure out how to establish where they are. It will help us put the scen in some sort of context. Keep it up!

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