Thursday, November 09, 2006

7th Period Notes

The Basement
Nice work. A little long... We do need to get you a real looking gun. Remind me. Also the doll and costumes will help because this is such a crazy scene.

Sorry, Wrong Number
I love this play. Try facing US (upstage) before your character speaks. Maybe turn down the lights halfway... something to set the mood.

Candy Store
Bit long. Great characters! Where are you? A porch? What can you do to establish location? Jake - nice checking in to see if he understood "she's crazy." Seth - good blocking, but make the transition a little smoother to lying on the floor. Ishmael - make him older. Feel free to "be the old man." Great casting guys! Nice "do it - come on section." Maybe do the impression standing up?

Watch on the Rhine
Good choice guys. Lauryn - what is she doing during that opening section? Shaina - she says she's nervous... let's see that. Mason - he has to carry himself differently than you as part of his job: let's see the difference between you and him.

The Odd Couple
This'll be good. Work on those lines so you can get to the fun stuff. Andrew - figure out what he's doing physically. Even when he's just laying around, he's doing it to annoy/change Felix. We need some stuff to watch. Eating? Felix cleaning? Also try to find a way to define where they are.

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