Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More 7th Period Notes

Emerald City
Good scene. Where are they? What are they doing? Think about ways you can make clear what your goals are. Good start on the character work: I feel like these people have a specific relationship. It's a bit long.

Take A Giant Step
Nice work! Sean, you've really got a great character going. Michael you're on your way too. This will be a great scene. Make sure you're doing things TO each other, not just doing them. Sean don't be afraid to make her scared on "Oh no you won't" line.

Bus Stop
Good scene for you guys. How can you establish where they are? I know you're sharing a script today, but what are these people doing while they're talking? How can you tell the story visually?

The Glass Menagerie
Great energy! Keep it up! Excellent start. Don't forget to tell the story visually: Where are they? What are they doing? I'm excited to watch this scene develop.

Ancient History
Let us see how you are affected by the beauty of the place. The more into it you are, the more we will be. Good! - start to have fun when they start listing all the "No" stuff. They can enjoy that game. Think about how you can tell the story visually.

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