Thursday, January 26, 2006

Period 7 Final Notes

Crimes of the Heart

  • Nice work on the lines. Emotions are next. Really work on that moment before.
  • Meg - really be disturbed about how you treated GDaddy.
  • Very clear. You guys need to build their "sister" relationship. If you have time outside of class, go do something fun together to bond a little bit. Need a big warm fuzzy hug at the end! Good work.

Crimes II

Intro!? Great vocal work. Very clear. Actual phone ring? Lenny - how does it make you feel when she says "No" to still playing cards? Meg - after phone call, head straight to the purse & start getting ready. Are you really sorry about the candy? Lenny, feel free to flip out. Babe - what are you doing during the first part? (I know, so ask me if you can't figure it out.) Lenny - she ends up in tears: don't fake it, try to get there. Meg - don't rush last line, give us a second to catch our breath with you.

Boys & Girls

Great work on lines. What state of mind is she in at the top of the scene, Angela? Think about her moment before.
Robert - What's he doing? Hanging at her house, TV, dishes?
Ang- slow down; actually try to DO things to him: convince/persuade/coax/lure/seduce/threaten/bribe him to move in. Very clear goals. Tactics need to be clearer. Robert - hands in pockets whole scene - is that you or him? Methinks him.

Acting Experience
  • Excellent Moments Before!!!! Very good start - grabbed our attention! Good relationship - I believed that you have been together for a while.
  • J-Gum!
  • J- Show us how frustrated you are during "made love" speech. Careful of talking too fast.
  • L - Have a paper. Great character & commitment to your goal.
  • Very clear goals both.
  • Excellent work both!!!!
Nice to Meet You
  • Lauren- what are you doing at the top of the scene? Can it be something that makes us know where the scene takes place? Packing her stuff? Something.
  • Good Moments Before, both.
  • Lena - Weigh the heaviness of "Why did you decide to keep the house?" before you answer.
  • Nice work.
Painted Rain
  • Where are they? Use a bottle. Good relationship.
  • Y- go after your goal! Good work on the text.
  • C- Nice clear goal.
  • Too long.
Last High School Party
  • V-Moment Before! She just got Blowkissed! WooHoo!
  • Listen to each other.
  • Have fun with these guys!
Life Underwater
  • GUM!
  • Nice character, Kevin
  • D- Bit louder. Try to get your goal!
A Hatful of Rain
  • M-"I didn't get much sleep." Are you tired, then? Grumpy? =Moment Before
  • Where does this take place? How can you show that?
  • Make that "care" moment more important: take the time with it.
  • T - be emotionally distracted by "that kid" through the whole scene.
At the Party

How many times have you guys actually read this scene, like twice? REHEARSE! REHEARSE! REHEARSE!

Pythagorian Therom
  • Very clear. Good vocal quality. Get your heads out of the script, though, and listen to each other.
  • Go after your goals.
  • Where are you? How can you show that?
  • Very clear vocally.
  • What happened with the chair? It didn't feel connected to the scene. Joe - you should find times to get up. He's not very intimidating while sitting down.
  • Go after your goals.

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