Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Period 2 Final Notes

Crimes of the Heart
Blocking! Figure out where everyone's standing and what they're doing. Watch your volumes. Goals were clear - nice.

Side by Side


Sweet scene! Do it on its feet. Where are each of these conversations taking place? This brings up: What do you do with the people not in those convs?

Get the lines down. Rhythm, Rhythm, Rhythm!

The switching doesn't work. It kills the energy. If it's in the script, work on it (who is the person that stops the scene? How is that person different from the character that Nick plays?); if it's not, cut it.

Too LOOOONG! This must be fun to work on. Enjoy rehearsing it!


K- don't forget you have a goal with the guy on the phone.
K - good character work! Very different from you.
C-Watch volume. Nice going after your goal in the 2nd half! Very clear.

Too long!

A Boy's Life

Give us a second between intro and start of scene.
Have at least rehearsal props - TV Guide, remote, can of beer. It feels weird to see you pantomiming on a real sofa.

Great choice of scene. Good character work.


Really call for her, Robert.
You both have good vocal ability.
Have an apple. Eating it will change what you're doing.

Good characters.
Hello From Bertha

Great Character work!! Very clear goals. What can you do Christine to add a little movement? Start cleaning up her mess? Something. Needs a little visual variety. Good scene. Maybe using a chair not a desk will help.

American Buffalo

Good listening to each other. I get that if someone does something new/makes a new choice that the other will notice and respond accordingly. Excellent!

Where are they? How can we make this as interesting visually as it is verbally? Who can do a little moving around?

Raise the stakes. Cops!

Nice work. Once you're memorized, the pace will smooth out.
Good Thing

The chairs work OK, but try it with tables.
Boots on - "Hate that" even more - higher stakes.
Great relationship. Married: Phil - do you know she knows?

REHEARSE with that 3rd person!

Nice "I should sorta go." Good tactics right after that Deanna.

Good characters. Deanna, go even further in the direction you're going. Phil - can you say "Your Mom!" in as high a register as possible? Deanna - change the C-Word. ;)

This scene will be excellent if you rehearse it as much as you should.

Too long. Maybe end it before the Mom stuff? Right after? The whole Ithica stuff we don't care about.


Good work on lines. Try to get past them so you can really go after what you want. Both of you don't be afraid to be creepier. We want you to be creepy.

Where are you? How can you show us through movement?

Black Thang
Good relationship.
REHEARSE! It was like you were reading the lines for only the third time! This would be a great scene if you actually worked on it. The second half was the best half - you really started going after your goals.
Where are you? Would it help to have some Miles Davis playing?

Black Thang II
Same thing: where are you? What are these two people doing? Just sitting around? Possibly, but drinking coffee, snakcing, etc. is a possiblity.
R-much better the second time - see what practice will do?!
S- How is she (your character) different from you? Celebrate those differences: they are what will make us care.
Don't do these scenes right after each other: we won't be as interested (if you noticed we didn't clap - mainly because the scene neeeds rehearsal & we had just scene it before).

Hello From Bertha

Great Moments Before! Very clear objectives.
C- don't be afraid to get more upset with her. This is a tough part. Change tactics as often as possible.
S- Nice work! Excellent character work.

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Kelley said...

Gee, I miss getting notes from you. Example: if you don't get tangled in that telephone chord, I will strangle you with it. the glory days...