Tuesday, April 10, 2012

"Cool! It's a game? ...So it's NOT a game?"

This is a re-post of my journal entry as part of the 3D GameLab Teacher Camp. There are some great comments in the forum where it's originally posted, but unfortunately I can't transfer them here.

This is a reflection on something that happened last Monday when I started exploring 3dGameLab in front of my students. Their first reaction was positive: they were fascinated by the gamer aspects of the environment. The question was: "So it's a game?"

When I started doing some of the quests, the general attitude changed to "So it's not a game," with the appropriate air of let-down that teachers know as the doorway to disinterest.

This got me thinking less about the GameLab environment and more about my own assignments. Do the potential quests I have in mind match the potential established by the online environment? Will my students be disappointed to find "just another journal-entry quest?" (Don't get me wrong, I personally love being XP-Paid to write a journal because I never take the time to otherwise.)

Those of you that have been using this with students: have you had to step up your assignment "game" or is this just the result of my demonstrating the platform on a projector and students not actually being in the system yet?

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