Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Period 2 - 3/15 Notes

Empire Records
  • Great vocal choices!
  • Gary - try bigger facial expressions as tactics on him.
  • Clean up the physical stuff a bit. It seems messy.
  • Nice work.

The Graduate
  • Nice Charika! Very clear goal and moment before.
  • Tim - does he want to get back with her? Let's see a little of that either way.
  • Charika - feel free to come into the space and own it.
  • Tim - good idea sitting, but then it kills the importance of that speech. Try other things before you decide on that choice.
  • Good work.

Confronting the Obvious
  • Good start. Play around you guys - these are just friends hanging out.
  • Eye contact! (I know you're still working on lines)
  • Don't be afraid to get really pissed off, Shawntanique.

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