Saturday, May 07, 2005

NYC ya real soon!

So at the show last night, Tim told us all that Aquarium was accepted into the New York Fringe Festival! Two & 1/2 weeks in NYC in August. How cool is that. Chicago, then NY - tough life. Congrats to Robin on her great script! Check out the festival here.

The show went great last night. My best bud Tom & his wife Sarah came and were very complimentary (not to each other - to me!) . Thanks guys! Michelle from my Master's program came too - great to see her!

Goin' to The Happiest Place On Earth right now. Makes the title of this post even more clever, don't you think?


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Dillon said...

Yea, Sean! Glad to hear your show kicking much ass. I just finished Fairies Have Tails, Why Don't You? last night. It was actually very well-attended, but adding it to my responsibilities meant basically destroying myself for a couple of weeks. C'est fin, though, and now it's time to look for another one.